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Organ Regeneration Workshops


Sydney Workshop May 2011

"Greetings thank you every thing is perfect now" namaste kolleen

"The Organ Regeneration workshop facilitated by Ken set a strong energetic connection with all participants. The process is simple and the tools are clearly set out as guidelines leaving scope to mold the intentions to suite the situation." Lydia T

"A beautiful heartfelt experience" Sydney Workshop Attendee May 2011

"What I most appreciated was the low key authentic way Ken presentd with Ann's personal enthusiastic stories.
The absolute knowledge and how to use it ...Was a really nice 2 days and othe participants were all terrific to be around
Thanks will keep you informed on how I move forward" - Margo

Sydbney Organ regeneration

"I really loved this workshop and am so pleased that I could attend. I am looking forward to using these processes every day. I encourage everyone who has an interest in metaphysical healing to learn these processes. Ken and Ann 's genuine belief and dedication to this program are delivered in an easygoing and modest manner. Thank you for coming to Sydney and I wish you the very best for all further seminars" Regards, Michele Kangisser

"Thank you Ken and Ann. This was a fun and educational workshop. You were able to balance giving us information whilst allowing us to have plenty of playtime. I feel confident to now use this technique. Whilst we had alot of fun, we were able to create a supportive state for each of us to clear what we no longer needed and experience what it is like to receive this process. I believe that the morphic field for OR has increased significantly now" LF Sydney

"This workshop is like coming home to the greatest power that has been within you always!" KB Brisbane

"I found it very understandable , intuitive and practical"

"The best healing experience ever! - no more backpain after 3 years of sufferring" - EN, Sydney.

Phoenix Workshop March 2011

Theresa Fornalski

10 March 11:22

Phoenix rocked! Thanks so much Ken and Ann and everyone there! It was a joy and a delight and I am eternally grateful for the internal and external connections made while there creating beauty, healing and alignment to and with the Creator! Immense gratitude! ? ? ?

Ken Garlock

10 March 04:06

I am posting late about the wonderful class we had in Phoenix. I had stayed on for an extended time and just arrived home today. Ken and Ann did a marvelous job of presenting the material in an easy going flowing manner. I observed shifts in others, as emotional blocks were lifted accompanied with tears. I was also fortunate to be in the group with Cynthea when she went through a very large shift. She looked so different afterward, as if a huge weight had been lifted off her. A youthful softness came into her face. In my own case, a knee I had worked on feels the best it has in years. The people who have signed up for the Vegas class are in for treat! Many thanks to Ken and Ann for providing the opportunity for us to take this class and to share the information with others.

Cynthia Lee

08 March 21:03

Before the Phoenix workshop I had heard people say and had read the first three lines of the process. Then Ken spoke them in the class and Ken is that energy. There is a difference between reading and hearing and being in the energy of it. I am not explaining this well . After the workshop just hearing those three lines in my mind starts such gentle, fine energy filling my being. What a gift this has opened for me.

Hi Ken and Ann,
I am back home. My body is here but as I do the things that need to be done I have moments when I realize that my spirit is still in AZ dwelling in your teachings. I have never been aware of a split like that before. It is comforting to know that my spiritual self is still within that energy and I hope that I sustain that for the rest of my time on earth.
Ken, Sunday I asked you a question about my experience of seeing/feeling my energy body stand up and move forward into space while doing a process on one of our group. You ended the conversation saying that I am a very powerful healer. I did not respond, but inside I was thinking the creator does have a wonderful sense of humor. From the time I was about 12 I felt that if only I could remember something that I had learned long ago I could heal anyone. And so I set out to find what I had forgotten, sure that I was here on this earth to be a great healer. I studied this and that and when Reiki found me I was sure that this was it. Funny thing was, no one was interested even though I could help them open up to heal themself. And did for some. Finally, when I was about 55 I said my dear you are one of millions of the ordinary. And that not bad cause it's the ordinary people who keep it all on track. So I continued to study but only because I need to grow in spirit. By the time I came to AZ I had learned that the only one we can heal is ourself.

In three sentences you gave me the missing parts, I am in spirit. I am one with the creator. My healing blesses all of creation.
Finally I understood. Healing myself is all I am here to do. In healing myself I heal all.
Thank you again.
Cynthia Lee

Marcelo Celis

07 March 15:47

I just heard about this workshop 4 days ago and the universe show me the way to be here when I thought there is no way I can make it in such a short notice. Literally on Friday at 2:09 PM. I drove and I was deeply touch for all the changes I am going through some are in my consciousness others are very evident. I am loving every moment and I am very grateful. This information and experience is transformational and beyond the mind for sure. I am committing myself to teach and pass on the power of the Organ Regeneration. I truly touch by the generosity, loving and sincerity of Ken Graydon and his beloved wife Ann. I am humble by who they are. My love goes to them and all of you. Love you Ken great gratitude to both. Marcelo

Marcelo Celis

08 March 10:10

I would like to share another gaining from the workshop in Phoenix, AZ during one process I mention I have been having some pain in my tail bone for several months. Sometimes goes and then come back. This time I drove 6 hours straight and no pain whatsoever. I was blown away. Wow this really works!!!!! I love it. Thanks again to Ken and Ann for making this possible NOW




Thank you for such a lovely workshop on the weekend in Mandurah. One just cannot live life in the same way. I worked with a friend on Wed, doing some of the processes & it was a beautiful time.

Dear  Ken & Ann, Thanks again for your “Gentle Workshop”  .

Everyone seemed  to enjoy it, and there was such lovely

energy within the group, and I am sure a lot of healing took place.


Ken and Anne
thank you both so much
the weekend was both enjoyable and most beneficial
The processes are simple and of the type that can be used easily - which is such a blessing.

Hi ken and ann... Thank you both for a wonderful weekend... You are both bright shining lights.... Love you both

Thank you Ken and Ann for the wonderful weekend we have just shared, and for all the information you have imparted.  I feel like a wonderful new door has opened that can never again be closed, and we shall never be the same.  A new sense of empowerment is a lovely, safe feeling.  We also feel like we have a new healing family, and as immigrants it is nice to be part of such a group.  Thanks for the books also.  With love, Linda and Malcolm.

Just a note to thank you both for a super  workshop.  Words are inadequate to express my appreciation.  Two very special souls.  True servants of the Light.  You are a breath of fresh air.  Teaching from a place of love, integrity and deep humility.  Creating a beautiful space for us to just be.  To bask in the beautiful energy of the Almighty I Am Presence for 2 whole days!  Such bliss.


A commendable effort in translating, condensing, compiling and making the  material intelligible. Your generosity of spirit shone through in unreservedly sharing your own experiences.  Thank you for sharing these precious teachings with us and the world.  You are a gift to humanity.


The group healing for my cat seems to have worked.   See photo attached.  No longer does she have colicky spasms after a meal. She’s getting used to her spiritual name “Shaloma”, which was  received in The Temple of the Soul process, used in her healing.J