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 An advanced, spiritually based, healing practice.

These healing processes are our birthright but years of misdirection, fear and ignorance have taken them away from us. It is now time for us to reclaim our potential. The promises of the sacred literature of many religions, the collected wisdom of indigenous peoples and our “inner knowing” bring us to a place of understanding that we are creating our own reality and, if that reality no longer serves us, we may make a different choice.

For each of us, the present moment is our point of power for all the healing we are ready to accept. The processes used in this modality help you to prepare for, allow and accept healing with the overall intention that you will attain the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual standard that you and the Creator had planned for you to have now.

Specific processes allow a client to release the causes and negative emotions around illnesses so that healing may happen.

Initial inquiries about remote healing sessions, wherever you live in the world, should be emailed to


Listen to internet radio with Kristy D Fox on Blog Talk Radio

An interviewith Ken Graydon on organ regeneration.


The e-book "Healing Intention - a handbook of cell and organ regeneration processes"

is available now in five languages. The book contains explanations, processes - some written expressly for this book and enough detail to enable you to self-heal. Go to

the Book_Session page for the detail.

Ken Graydon's 'Healing Intentions' book has changed my life. There were hidden events in my life that magically and miraculously revealed itself that allowed me to shift shift shift. Great and helpful book. I highly recommend it.

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We do not give medical advice or treatment. You should not vary any medical or pharmaceutical treatment without contacting your medical professional. Every treatment is given in good faith and with the best intentions.